Summary of Reading X-ray Films of Hip Joints

Standard of the pelvic X ray film


Radiological measurement of hip joint and pelvic

A. Evaluation of the femur

The angle of the Axis of the femoral shaft and neck ( Normal: 110°-140°)

The angle formed between the long axis of the femoral neck and the longitudinal axis of the femoral shaft is called the neck-stem angle, also known as the inclination angle. The normal value is between 110° and 140°, with an average of 132° for men and 127° for women. The neck-stem angle decreases with age. The neck-stem angle of children is larger than that of adults, with an average of 151° in children. The neck-shaft angle is greater than the normal value for hip valgus, and smaller than the normal value is hip varus.。


ISO 13485:2016

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