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T-PAL Peek Cage Instrument Set

12200-1201Reamer 7mm1
22200-1202Reamer 9mm1
32200-1203Compactor 1
42200-1204T-PAL Spacer Applicator 1
52200-1205T-PAL Spacer Applicator 1
62200-1206Reamer 15mm1
72200-1207Straight Osteotome1
82200-1208Ring Type Bone Curette 1
92200-1209Reamer 13mm1
102200-1210Reamer 15mm1
112200-1211Reamer 11mm1
122200-1212Square Type Bone Curette 1
132200-1213Curved Bone File 1
142200-1214Square Type Bone Curette L1
152200-1215Straight Bone File 1
162200-1216Square Type Bone Curette R1
172200-1217Curved Stuffer1
182200-1218Bone Graft Funnel 1
192200-1219Soft Tissue Retractor 6mm1
202200-1220Soft Tissue Retractor 8mm1
212200-1221Soft Tissue Retractor 10mm1
222200-1222Quick-coupling T-handle 1
232200-1223Trial Spacer Box 1
242200-1224Trail T-PAL Spacer 7mm L1
252200-1225Trail T-PAL Spacer 8mm L1
262200-1226Trail T-PAL Spacer 9mm L1
272200-1227Trail T-PAL Spacer 10mm L1
282200-1228Trail T-PAL Spacer 11mm L1
292200-1229Trail T-PAL Spacer 12mm L1
302200-1230Trail T-PAL Spacer 13mm L1
312200-1231Trail T-PAL Spacer 15mm L1
322200-1232Trail T-PAL Spacer 17mm L1
332200-1233Trail T-PAL Spacer 7mm S1
342200-1234Trail T-PAL Spacer 8mm S1
352200-1235Trail T-PAL Spacer 9mm S1
362200-1236Trail T-PAL Spacer 10mm S1
372200-1237Trail T-PAL Spacer 11mm S1
382200-1238Trail T-PAL Spacer 12mm S1
392200-1239Trail T-PAL Spacer 13mm S1
402200-1240Trail T-PAL Spacer 15mm S1
412200-1241Trail T-PAL Spacer 17mm S1
422200-1242Spreader Forcep 1
432200-1243Slidng Hammer 1
442200-1244Aluminium Box 1

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ISO 13485:2016

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