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Small Fragment Locking Instrument Set New

13200-0101Drill Bit φ2.5*200mm1
23200-0102Drill Bit φ2.5*200mm1
33200-0103Drill Bit φ2.9*200mm with Limitator1
43200-0104Drill Bit φ2.9*200mm1
53200-0105Threaded Guider Wire φ1.5*200mm1
63200-0106Threaded Guider Wire φ1.5*200mm1
73200-0107K Wire φ1.5*200mm1
83200-0108K Wire φ1.5*200mm1
93200-0109Tap for Cortical Screw 3.5mm1
103200-0110Tap for Locking Screw 3.5mm1
113200-0111Star Screwdriver T151
123200-0112Star Screwdriver T151
133200-0113Extraction Screw1
143200-0114Hex Key1
153200-0115Locking Sleeve 3.2mm for Thin Plates1
163200-0116Locking Sleeve 3.2mm for Thin Plates1
173200-0117Locking Sleeve 3.2mm for Thick Plates1
183200-0118Locking Sleeve 3.2mm for Thick Plates1
193200-0119Locking Sleeve 3.2mm for Thick Plates1
203200-0120Staight Handle Qucik Coupling1
213200-0121Torque Limiting Handle 1.5N.M1
223200-0122Depth Gauge 0-60mm1
233200-0123Drill & Tap Sleeve combimed 2.5/3.5mm1
243200-0124Wire Sleeve 1.5mm1
253200-0125Wire Sleeve 1.5mm1
263200-0126Screwholding Forcep1
273200-0127T-handle Quick Coupling1
283200-0128Sleeve Key1
293200-0129Aluminium Box1

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ISO 13485:2016

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