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Osteotomy Locking Plate Instrument Set

13200-0801Qucik Coupling Drill Bit Ø3.5*1501
23200-0802Qucik Coupling Drill Bit Ø3.5*1501
33200-0803Qucik Coupling Tap HC.0*2201
43200-0804Qucik Coupling Drill Bit Ø4.3*2802
53200-0805Osteotome 10mm1
63200-0806Osteotome 15mm1
73200-0807Osteotome 20mm1
83200-0808Osteotome 25mm1
93200-0809Pointed Kirschner Wire Ø2.0*2802
103200-0810Pointed Kirschner Wire Ø2.5*2802
113200-0811Drill Bit KirschnerWwire Ø2.5*3002
123200-0812Depth Gauge 0-120mm1
133200-0813Section Height Monitor1
143200-0814Angle Measurer1
153200-0815Torque Handle 4.0N.m1
163200-0816Spring Drill Ø3.5/4.31
173200-0817Straight Quick Coupling Handle1
183200-0818Measuring Ruler1
193200-0819Quick coupling Hex Screwdriver SW3.5*1001
203200-0820Tap Guide Drill Sleeve Ø5.0*1001
213200-0821Guide Pin Duide Ø2.01
223200-0822Guide Pin Duide Ø2.01
233200-0823Drill-oriented Drill Sleeve Ø4.3*1501
243200-0824Drill-oriented Drill Sleeve Ø4.3*1501
253200-0825Aluminium Box1

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