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Minimally Invasive Pedicle Screw Instrument Set

12200-1701Conical Guide Pin Ø1.5*5003
22200-1702Blunt Guide Pin Ø1.5*5003
32200-1703Drill Sleeve Ø7.2*1.7*1641
42200-1704Drill Sleeve Ø13*7.3*1531
52200-1705Drill Sleeve Ø15.6*13*1641
62200-1706Cannulated Polyaxial Screwdriver1
72200-1707Cannulated Polyaxial Screwdriver1
82200-1708Rod Pusher Ø61
92200-1709Stardriver T5.052
102200-1710Hex Screwdriver SW2.51
112200-1711Nut Holding Forcep SW4.51
122200-1712Tap Ø7.01
132200-1713Tap Ø6.51
142200-1714Tap Ø6.01
152200-1715Tap Ø5.51
162200-1716Tap Ø5.01
172200-1717Curved Feeler1
182200-1718Bone Cement Pusher1
192200-1719Location Plate1
202200-1720AWL Ø3.3*2331
212200-1721AWL Ø3.3*2331
222200-1722AWL Ø3.3*2331
232200-1723AWL Ø3.3*2331
242200-1724Screwdriver SW3.51
252200-1725Straight Rechat Handle1
262200-1726T-handle Quick Coupling1
272200-1727Straight Rechat Handle1
282200-1728Rod Holding Forcep1
292200-1729Compression Forcep1
302200-1730Distractor Forcep1
312200-1731Reduction Forcep1
322200-1732Rod Measurement1
332200-1733Rod Bender1
342200-1734Rod Holding Forcep1
352200-1735Break-off Forcep1
362200-1736Break-off Forcep1
372200-1737Anti-rotation Sleeve1
382200-1738Counter Torque for Screw Cutter1
392200-1739Aluminium Box1

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ISO 13485:2016

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