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4.0/5.0 Paediatrics Osteotomy Locking Plate Instrument Set

13200-0701Threaded Guide Pin Ø2.0*1501
23200-0702Assistance Device for Locating1
33200-0703Aiming Module Ø4.01
43200-0704Aiming Module Ø5.01
53200-0705Guide Pin Ø2.8*2001
63200-0706Osteotomy Locator1
73200-0707Reduction Forcep with Curved Head1
83200-0708LCP Guider Sleeve Ø3.21
93200-0709LCP Guider Sleeve Ø34.31
103200-0710Reduction Sleeve Ø2.81
113200-0711Hex Screwdriver SW2.51
123200-0712Hex Screwdriver SW3.51
133200-0713Hex Screwdriver Bits SW2.51
143200-0714Hex Screwdriver Bits SW3.51
153200-0715Quick Coupling Handle1
163200-0716Torque Handle 1.5N.m1
173200-0717Torque Handle 4.0N.m1
183200-0718Drill Bit Ø3.01
193200-0719Drill Bit Ø3.21
203200-0720Drill Bit Ø3.51
213200-0721Drill Bit Ø4.31
223200-0722Depth Gague Ø4.01
233200-0723Depth Gague Ø5.01
243200-0724Self-centering Bone Hold Forcep1
253200-0725Guider Ø3.0/4.01
263200-0726Guider Ø3.5/5.01
273200-0727Tap HA4.01
283200-0728Tap HA5.01
293200-0729Angle Finder 100°/60°/20°1
303200-0730Angle Finder 90°/50°/40°1
313200-0731Angle Finder 80°/70°/30°1
323200-0732Internal Displacement Locator1
333200-0733Aluminium Box1

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